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Joining Process

Inexperienced clay target shooters interested in joining the Club, are encouraged to come to one of the Club’s novice coaching sessions.

If, after a trial, you decide to join the Club, then you will need to complete a Membership Application Form.

This form can be obtained from the Club’s Office.

The completed form (together with your firearms license and appropriate subscription fee), must be physically presented to one of the Club’s Officers at the Club.

Potential members are required to be proposed and seconded by two existing Club members and are subject to election at the next committee meeting.

Once elected the Secretary will enter the new member on the Club’s Register of Members.

Membership Subscription

Members at the Annual General Meeting fix the annual subscription for all membership categories.  Annual subscriptions become due on the first of December of each year.  Current subscriptions are :

  • $150.00 – Senior Membership
  • $75.00 – Senior Family Membership
  • $20.00 – Junior Membership (free membership if a family membership has been paid)
  • $10.00 – Associate Membership

Following a full year of membership of the Club the subscription fee may be discounted by attendance at the club working bees.

The club provides for the following membership types: