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Wed Mar 21 @19:30 - 09:30PM
Annual General Meeting
Sat Mar 24 @10:00 - 02:00PM
March Novice Coaching Clinic
Sat Mar 24 @10:00 - 04:00PM
March Members Practice
Sat Mar 31 @09:30 - 04:00PM
50 Target Subgauge Skeet, 25pr Skeet Doubles
Sun Apr 01 @09:30 - 04:00PM
Beam Suntory Famous Grouse Trophy 100 Target Skeet
Sun Apr 15 @09:00 - 04:00PM
100 Target Subgauge Compak


The Hutt Valley Clay Target Club is sited on 63 acres in Whitemans Valley, Upper Hutt, and is the largest and most active clay target club in the greater Wellington region.
We offer all forms of social and competitive clay target shooting. Shooting, three times each month, in the most common shotgun disciplines is available to members.

The Club provides a variety of coaching, practice, fun events, and competition disciplines in: Down the Line (DTL), Trench, Skeet, Sporting Clays and, Sporting Compak.

  • 21 Mar Annual General Meeting

    Annual General MeetingOur Annual General Meeting kicks off at 7:30 p.m. Come along and have your say on how the Club runs for the next year.

    We will review the club accounts, set the membership subscription for next year, consider the Presidents report, and cover any general business from the floor.

    Additionally members select the committee and decide who the officers of your Club will be.
  • 18 Mar Beretta Hunting and Fishing Duck Shooters 100 Target

    Duck shooters at the club This is the opportunity for Duck Shooters to get your eye in before the season starts. The Club encourages Duck Shooters to come along and try their luck at 100 simulated duck targets.


    This is one of the few times that the Club welcomes shooters that may not be members of the NZ Clay Target Association to shoot on our grounds.


    Shooting kicks off at 0830 with shooting over 2 fields of at least 5 stands. Each stand will have at least two traps with shooters starting off shooting singles before finishing up with a couple of pairs. You will shoot half the course then, after a refuel of food and ammo, shoot the other half. Lesley runs our kitchen and will have food available for you to purchase.


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  • North Island & New Zealand ISSF Champs 6 Feb

    ISSF Trench North Island HOA: O. RobinsonNorth Island ISSF Trap.

    6 squads made up the 31 shooters, including four shooters from the Papua and New Guinea shooting team plus their Team Manager arrived for the start of North Island ISSF Trap Championship on Thursday 1st February, along with cyclone Fifi which blew through and took several targets with it as you will see with the scores. Cyclone Fifi also took out the power for about an hour and a half, the power coming back on just as we were about to connect a couple of generators arranged, one from the Army and one from Aquaheat Industries, courtesy of Emma Whittle and Jamie Cane respectively. Due to the delay attributed to the power loss, the Club decided on completing only two rounds on Thursday with three rounds and the finals to be shot on Friday.

    After 2 visits to the trap on Thursday, Owen Robinson and Ahmed Shafik were setting the pace on 44’s with Myles Browne-Cole and Gavin Paton on 43’s and Geoff Foster, John Hillock & Tim Fuller on 42’s.


    The 3 rounds on Friday in not so blustery conditions saw 25’s posted by Chris Robinson, Ahmed Shafik, Morgan Kircher and Natalie Rooney with Gavin Paton charging up the leader board being the most consistent on the second day shooting three 24’s for a 72 and finished as the top qualifier for the final on 115. Also qualifying for the final in order was Owen Robinson 113, Geoff Foster 111, Ahmed Shafik 110, Daniel Wanma 110 and Myles Browne-Cole 106.

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  • Wellington District Championships 21 Jan

    HOA R. Bidois72 competitors arrived from as far as Canterbury in the South to Northland in the North for the weekend.

    We started the day off with 57 entries for the Single Rise and 21 possibles were shot. After 75 targets in the shoot off, we were down to 5 shooters who then shot off from 18m, after a further 50 targets we were down to two who continued from 21 metres and after 25 targets the HOA medal was won by Roger Bidois. Ryan Crapp won 1st A grade and the Junior medal, 2nd A grade was taken by Jon Beddis from Ahmed Shafik 3rd A grade. The B grade was won by Matt Galyer with one of the possibles, Hannah Thorburn took 2nd B grade and Brent Plaisted was 3rd B grade after shooting off on 24’s. Kevin Flynn won 1st C grade on 24, Henry Borthwick taking 2nd C grade from Dave Gwerder taking 3rd C grade after shooting off with Jay Walsh all on 22’s. The Veterans medal was won by Dave Turner on 25, Sheryl Anglem won the Ladies also on 25.


    57 entries for the Points Score saw four possibles shot. After 75 targets in the shoot off, two shooters went a further 20 targets on 18m before Paul Black won HOA. Roger Bidois taking 1st A grade, Dave Turner taking 2nd A grade and Ahmed Shafik taking 3rd A grade. Tim Anstey won the B grade from Hannah Thorburn who took 2nd B grade after a short shoot off on 73’s, Brent Plaisted was 3rd B grade on 72. John Upfold won the C grade with a 69, James Robertson was 2nd C grade on 67 and Henry Borthwick was 3rd C grade on 66.

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  • Target Products Top Gun 30 Dec

    HOA R. Prince37 shooters at Hutt Valley contested the Target Products Top Gun event on 30th December in good conditions and very warm. The first event for the day was 25 tgt Skeet and produced only one possible by Craig Matthews in A grade, followed by Gordon MacPhee on 24 and Robert Prince on 21. Mike Dasler was the highest scoring B grader on 24 with Sam Sydow, Rob Edwards and Nick Bennik tying for 2nd B grade on 23’s. John McIntosh took out C grade with a very good 24, followed by David Donald on 23 and Kevin Flynn, James Robertson & Brendon Coe were tied for 3rd C grade on 22’s.


    Next was the 25 tgt Compak, Craig Matthews and Sam Sydow were the top scorers in A grade shooting possibles, Craig now clean through the first 50 targets, closely followed by Daniel Feutz taking 3rd A grade on 23. Kevin Flynn was the best in B grade on 22, Wayne Pym was 2nd B grade on 21 and Kim Upfold, Gary Girvan and David Donald shared 3rd B grade on 20’s. Nick Bennik was 1st C grade on 22, James Robertson and Doug Turner shared 2nd C grade on 21’s.


    25 Tgt Single Rise was next and despite the good conditions, produced only one possible in A grade by Robert Prince. Rob Edwards, Max Edwards & Wayne Pym shared 2nd A grade on 24’s. Nick Bennik and Tony Stuart shot possibles in B grade while Al Markham, Henry Bennik and David Donald shared 3rd B grade on 23’s. John Upfold was 1st C grade on 23, Kevin Flynn was 2nd C grade on 22 and Brent Sully, Sam Sydow and Annemieke Jeaffreson sharing 3rd C grade on 21’s.


    Last event was 25 Tgt Ball Trap and the top score in A grade was Robert Prince with a very good single barrel possible, followed by Wayne Pym on 24 and Rob Edwards and Daniel Feutz sharing 3rd A grade on 23’s.